duminică, 3 iulie 2011

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  1. The sun still shines
    warming our minds,
    rusting your arms.
    Beware of the falling
    brought by passing time!

  2. The Sun used to shine
    when our troubles atoms
    used to be part of a dinasour,
    and the Sun will shine
    long after
    the last atom
    of our trouble
    will be part of a crowling worm...

    Please excuse my english! :)


  3. Ne trecem.
    Petrecem secunde inghesuite in minte.
    ...ganduri alunecand,
    ...vise spuberand,
    noianul de clipe incheind.

    Please excuse my pessimism:)

  4. Parcurgem drumul întunecat
    de proiecția îndepărtată
    a destinației.


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